• 'Merica Labz, Red, White & Boom H-Bomb
  • 'Merica Labz, Red, White & Boom H-Bomb
  • 'Merica Labz, Red, White & Boom H-Bomb

'Merica Labz, Red, White & Boom H-Bomb

  • £39.99

Limited Edition Reformulation

What's more 'Merican than splitting the atom? Nothing. This great nation is dripping in so much freedom we refused to be constrained by the literal structures of the universe. We busted that sucker open and unleashed the power inside.

Our new H-Bomb edition of Red, White, & Boom is like that...but in preworkout form. This thing is so frickin' powerful that "nuclear" is the only fitting description. So grab your hazmat suit and strap in, beacuse you're in for a wild ride.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Very Strong!

Super strong pre. I half scoop with stars and pines and it's still insane.

This is the bomb!

A great pre-workout! It is strong! You do push your self more with this, this helps take training to the next level. Get it while you can, you won't regret it! If you're buying this taste doesn't matter because you want a strong pre. I found it very sour (Skittles).

H Bomb will be missed!

In my opinion it gives you more focus and energy than the original Red White & Boom and the flavours are spot on especially the skittle themed one. Only drawback it makes you sweat buckets which could be a positive or negative depending on your preference.

Energy 9.5/10
Focus 10/10
Sweats 100/10 😂🤙