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Savage AF Stack

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Focused-AF is designed to help the brain function, sharpen the mind and encourage focus and mental clarity.

Alpha-AF is the strongest natural testosterone booster on our site. This will increase libido, aid in fat loss and increases testosterone levels.


This stack would be taken by people that want to be savage in all walks of life. Whether it be in the office or in the bedroom. The Savage-AF stack will give you that edge.


Any healthy male over the age of 25 looking to increase their performance in the office, the gym and the bedroom.


Focused-AF: Take 2 capsules when you need more focus and clarity. Do not exceed 2 doses per day.

Alpha-AF: On day 1, take 1 pill, day 2 take 2 pills and day 3 take 3 pills for the rest of the bottle. Always take Alpha-AF with a meal.


The Savage-AF stack will put hair on your balls. Take this stack and you will grab life by the tits and make it your bitch.