Core Nutritionals, PRO 2.2KG

  • £52.99

Sustained Release Protein Blend


You want to recover. You don’t want to gag while doing it.

We chose the protein blend and taste for Core PRO with that in mind. Our mix of proteins have a robust and complete amino acid profile that has been shown in research to increase lean muscle impact – while our flavoring tastes like a cheat!

  • 1 scoops per serving.
  • 70 (2LB)/70 (5LB) servings per container.
  • Protein blend with gourmet taste.


Wow, what else can we say? This product is game changer when it comes to staying lean and packing on some serious size. Combine that with a taste that will take away that annoying sweet tooth, you have the ultimate multi release protein formula! Ideal to take first thing in the morning or before bed, fuelling your gains 24/7. Supplying all of the following:

- 70 servings

- 24g protein per serving 

- 126 calories

- No fillers

- Low carb

- Thremo fats and digestive enzymes blend

- Gluten free

- Gourmet taste