2014 BNBF Midlands Teen Class - 3rd

2015 BNBF Midlands Teen Class - 1st

2015 NPA South East Jnr Class - 1st

2015 UKDFBA Teen British - 3rd

2017 BNBF Midlands Jnr Class - 1st

2017 UKDFBA Northern Jnr Class - 1st

2017 UKDFBA Northern LW Class - 2nd

2017 BNBF British Finals Jnr Class - 2nd

2017 UKDFBA British Finals Jnr Class - 1st

2017 WNBF World Finals Jnr Class - 1st 



My current approach to training is fairly LOW volume per session, with higher frequencies of hitting muscle groups and of course, always high intensity with a close proximity to failure. I have, and always will, love training this way. 

I log all my training with pen and paper - I have over 30 log books at home! 

My current split is Pull, Push, Legs, *off* repeat.. sometimes I will train 6 days on one day off depending on my schedule. 



My approach to nutrition when gaining is a prioritisation of carbohydrates, especially on training days. I favour high carb, low fat and moderate protein. At my current bodyweight of 182 lbs (August 2017) I am consuming 650g Carb, 50-60g Fats and 250-280g Protein on training days. 

Rationale behind this being - carbs are our predominant fuel as performance based athletes, they massively influence recovery capabilities also. Fats are most EASILY stored as body fat, so when looking to maximise lean tissue gain, keeping them moderate to low on training days is ideal to also maximise gastric emptying and thus digestion. 

On off days, my nutrition is lower carb, higher fat, with the rationale being that fats are anti-inflammatory, to reduce inflammation from the week of training, a higher fat and a carb intake to match my output (far lower) is adequate on these days. 



Creatine - 5g a day

Core Omega 3 

Patriots Whey/Core Grow. 

Intra Workout - Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin, Primeval EAA, Taurine, Glutamine, Electrolytes. 

Ambrosia - Overtraining, Night Owl, Golden. 

MTS - Uptake & Greens. 

Pre - Mega Pre (non stim) -  Red White & Boom (stim).



I enter the gym everyday with the vision of ultimately earning my WNBF Pro Card. I will most likely take a 2 year off season in order to be in a position to earn that. 

Outside of the gym, my goals are to have full health of myself & my family, make myself and my family financially comfortable for the rest of my life and grow my business to be recognised worldwide as one of the leading natural bodybuilding contest prep services. 

This is only the very beginnings of my journey so far and I’m so excited to share the rest of it.