I started my fitness journey as a young 14 year old wanting to get as big as possible, in amazement at guys like Ronnie coleman, jay cutler and many more. So naturally I invested my money in supplements, food etc anything that would get me closer to that goal. I’d try a new brand from my favourite online retail store each month, and most, to tell you the truth I was disappointed with. I didn’t know why, I then continued to compete in 6 natural bodybuilding shows, never placing below top 3 in any regional and placing in the top 6 at all my national appearances. I learnt very quickly the science behind building muscle both in the gym and in the kitchen. With this new found knowledge I then found that most of the UK supplement industry was filled with under-dosed, poor quality products. So then I created A-List Nutrition Ltd, we won’t have 100s of brands available to you, but you can be sure that the brands that we do stock are some of the best on the planet. It’s about time the consumer came first in this industry, instead of profit margins, we are going to achieve that.


I love pre workouts, so automatically I had to try Core Fury Extreme. There is no other product on the market like it, incredible endurance, strength and pump allowing any level of athlete to push past failure in the gym. Stack this product with ABC intra and PUMP pre and PBs will be BROKEN.