A simple guide to Intra Workout Nutrition.


Thank you for reading this blog, here I will project my experiences and findings of what I believe to be the most undervalued supplement stack in the supplement industry today. One that I can personally justify, has completely transformed my physique AND training performance.


You have thought about your natural hormone stack, your pre workout concoction, your sleep aid, whey protein, even right down to your general health products. But have you really ever considered your Intra workout nutrition? If the answer is yes, you know that it is probably one of the most scientifically validated ways to increase natural performance and recovery when in combination with intense workouts.


First of all, what is intra workout nutrition? This is simply the macronutrient profile that you ingest WHILE training, drinking between sets from the start to the end of your workout.


Secondly what is it? It can be a combination of different supplements depending on your dieting state and intensity of workouts, generally it’s comprised of easily digestible carbohydrates and BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids).


Then you will wonder, okay, how does that help me?? During training, you BREAK muscle tissue down, the extent of this breakdown depends on the intensity of the training, however let’s assume we are all training hard, as I’d imagine If you are reading this, you do! You need to kick start what’s called protein synthesis as soon as possible to switch on your recovery phase, or better yet, reduce the break down. This is where BCAAs come in, specifically Leucine, switches on your anabolic state and increases protein synthesis in your body, thus reducing muscle break down (catabolism) whilst training. This is exactly what you need as it will enable you to recover faster from gruelling workouts, meaning you can increase your frequency of training at the same time, which is key to muscle growth in particular. This is all assuming that your nutrition, sleep and stress levels are monitored and where they need to be for your desired goal.


So that takes care of the recovery aspect, but what about endurance and energy? This is where Carbohydrates come into play. By continuously drinking an easily digestible carbohydrate throughout your training sessions, this tops up your glycogen levels in your muscle cells as well as improve muscle volume (pumps) which helps increase nutrient uptake. The drip effect of carbohydrates ingested allows you to feel less fatigued, stronger and recover faster due to your body’s ability to uptake nutrients faster. Carbohydrates are the main transporter for nutrients in your bloodstream and so increases the volume of nutrients and blood flow to your working muscle groups, thus increasing nutrient uptake.



Finally, you may have put the puzzle together. Using BCAAs during training, reduces muscle breakdown and increases recovery, whereas carbohydrates decrease fatigue, increase pumps and nutrient absorption. So, stack the two supplements together and they work synergistically to GREATLY improve your recovery from workouts. Some of you still may be wondering, but how? When you ingest BCAAs and Carbohydrates together, the BCAAs are transported to your muscle cells faster than they normally would if they were to be on their own. This is due to the carbohydrates being the natural transporter in your bloodstream for nutrients, so in effect the carbs will shuttle the BCAAs to your working muscle cells, allowing the recovery process to occur as soon as muscle break down does.


Now hopefully you will see the importance of QUALITY intra workout nutrition and the drastic effects it can have on your training & physique. But you will probably still have questions for instance, who should be taking this? In my opinion, everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you want to be a natural bodybuilder, cyclist or gymnast, everyone NEEDS better recovery to increase the amount of work they put into their craft; practice makes perfect. The only thing that will differ however is the dosages to reach your desired goals. Below is a rough ratio of what I would recommend based on my experiences:


GOAL                                       RATIO (Carbohydrates – BCAAs)


MUSCLE BUILDLING                2:1

ENDURANCE                             1:1

FATLOSS                                     0:2

STRENGTH                                 1:2


Now, I also must remind you that this is heavily person dependant and different ratios may work better for some people than they do others, especially during fat loss, for example. Some people prefer to prioritise their carb intake around their workouts, so their ratio would be more similar to that of muscle building. It’s something that you may have to use a bit of trial and error with, in order to find what works for you. Once you get this right however, your training will excel, your goals will be crushed and you’ll be left wondering why you didn’t start using these key supplements sooner.


The inevitable “plug”, now comes. I have not produced this article to increase sales, I have taken the time to articulate my experiences and findings to improve YOUR results. A philosophy that I hold dear to the founding of A-List Nutrition is not just selling product, but also HELPING you guys achieve your goals. It’s something that the Gainz Alliance (our flagship brands) practice religiously in America and it’s something that I think the UK has been lacking, till now. There will however be some of you that will undoubtedly email us asking what supplements on our site they should take intra workout. In response to those people I would suggest any of the following combinations.




  • REDCON1 Breach (Increased Hydration)
  • MTS Machine fuel (Increased muscle pumps)
  • Core Nutritionals ABC (Increased endurance & recovery)



  • REDCON1 Cluster Bomb (Highly branched cyclic dextrin- no bloat or stomach issues)


In brackets next to each product, I have also included some added value that they bring to the table due to their formulas. Something that would be very wise to consider when constructing your intra workout stack to fit your goals. All are available on our site and are absolutely delicious to drink. Feel free to take a look!


Thank you very much for reading, have a great day.


James Dodds

Managing Director

A-List Nutrition Ltd